Sand For Sale

We have sand for sale for a variety of purposes. Whether you are building a wall on your property, plastering, brick manufacturing, landscaping or work in agriculture, we have the quality sand you are looking for. We supply and deliver various types including fine, coarse and dried, to accommodate to your needs. The fine aggregate is naturally created by our planet and consists of silicon dioxide which is a form of quartz. This happens over thousands of years caused by water, wind, gravity and tectonic movement. Moreover, the fascinating, versatile material surprisingly has various functions, commonly used in construction to enhance strength and durability. So, why not contact us today to book your delivery? 

Sand Suppliers

Do you work in construction or are you a homeowner with a labour intensive project on the go? Our sand suppliers can provide a variety of types to tailor to your project. The quality of the fine aggregate is absolutely vital in order to effectively work on a project and produce the results you envisage. Especially when using the fine aggregate for building, which is a component often used for mixing mortars. Our suppliers have the know-how to tell you everything you need to know, as we have decades of experience with haulage and aggregates! So, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Equestrian-Menage Sand

Sourced from all over the UK, we supply various types of ground extracted, graded and classified equestrian sands throughout Wales. Equestrian sand is double washed to remove any silt. It is also classified to achieve a clean fine grade uniform particle size. Most significantly, it provides a firm and compact surface which ensures a sure-footed and supportive experience for horses and Equestrian Riding Arenas in general. 

Types of Sand

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Cubical Cattle Bedding

Our high-quality blend of sand-based cattle bedding not only provides a comfortable surface for your livestock but also prevents the spread of pathogens and provides good traction to prevent slips and falls. Cubicle sand is ideal for agricultural use and animal bedding, keeping your livestock comfortable and healthy. 

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